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Shelley and Peter are back to being the happy couple again. Doreen gets the house name repainted by a professional. Dev, Mike, Joe and Naveen Alahan have a meeting. Naveen gives Mike a huge order and the deal is struck. Joe points out they will have to put other orders on hold but Mike isn't bothered. Both Naveen and Dev are patronising towards Joe. Gail goes to see her mortgage advisor. She tells them she wants to remortgage to make some home improvements. She is told that her house is worth about £50,000 and that subject to the valuation survey she will get a cheque for about £17,500 in a week or so's time. Gail is relieved. Richard is called to see his bank manager, Keith Greenacre. Keith wants to know when he's going to clear his overdraft. Richard has to tell him about the bail hostel and the flat sales at The Ridings falling through. Keith tells him he's got two weeks to start clearing his debt. Sally says she's going to apply for a job as a dinner lady at Weatherfield Comprehensive. Rosie is furious as she will be embarrassed. Kirk gives Les the faulty radio for his birthday. Les can't get it to work either. Vera discovers her house sign has been defiled and changed to "The Old Wreck". She blames Doreen and they have a slanging match in the street. Richard is terribly worried about their financial situation but decides not to tell Gail.


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