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Richard is seriously worried about the financial mess they're in. Fiz suggests to Toyah they redecorate the flat. Toyah comes up with the idea of throwing a decorating party. Sally confides in Eileen that she spent the night with Kevin. She is worried that Kevin will now think they're back together in every sense but he surprises her by agreeing to sleep downstairs again and take things one day at a time. Ken tries to talk to Shelley into giving Peter another chance. Vera is so impressed with the house name sign at No.4 she gets Kirk to put up a name plate on their house - it's now called "The Old Rectory". Sandy George, the Gazette editor persuades Ken to take over Hermione Fairfax's column and problem page full-time as Doris Slack (aka Hermione) is very ill. He agrees to drop Ken's Corner. Shelley calls to see Peter and promises that she will consider moving back in. Vera and Doreen have a slanging match over their respective house names. Gail suggests to Richard they borrow some money from Audrey but he points out that most of her money is tied up in property, namely the house and the salon. Gail persuades him that they should remortgage No.8. He eventually agrees.


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Doreen Heavey (to Vera Duckworth): "But this house is not an old rectory. It has never been an old rectory. It is what it always was... a squalid 'ovel!"

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