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Peter reassures Shelley that she is better off without Geena. Maria justifies to Toyah her reasons for moving quickly. Martin apologises to Kevin and Sally and wishes them luck. Fred makes Shelley find Geena to get her back behind the bar but Geena's not interested. Steve and Eileen work out how her sofa managed to get taken away. Audrey gives Maria her wages and encourages her to go and finish packing for Canada. Ken is annoyed that his insurance premiums have gone up, so Deirdre suggests again that he takes the Hermione Fairfax columnist job. Karen is furious that Steve sent the wrong sofa back and embarrassed her at work. She is fuming to see her sofa in Eileen's lounge. Eileen refuses to give it back until she has her old sofa back herself. Betty returns behind the bar to help out Shelley. Toyah surprises Maria with a special dinner to say sorry. Fred is surprised but pleased to see Betty back working. Peter introduces his friend Ciaran McCarthy to Shelley. Shelley gets to the end of her tether when Geena comes in for a drink and Peter and Ciaran leave to go to a lap-dancing club. She snaps at Fred.


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