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Blanche tells Martin that Kevin has moved back in with Sally. Norris decides to write to the TV company who recorded the Commonwealth Games to get a copy as nobody believes him when he says he was in the medal ceremony. Geena purposely doesn't tell Shelley that they're out of tonic water. Shelley goes to the wholesalers and gets into trouble with Fred who questions her ability as a manageress. Steve gets the lads to help him shift Karen's new sofa. They move it into Eileen's back yard. Nick and Maria tell everyone they're in love. Rita questions Sally over moving Kevin back in. Sally tells her that there's more to life than love. Norris feels better when Nick congratulates him on his appearance in the medal ceremony, having seen him on TV. Martin calls on Sally and Kevin. He is angry with them as he still has feelings for Sally. He tells her he doesn't believe she loves Kevin. He sees the sofa bed in the front room and realises that Kevin sleeps there. Audrey and Maria say goodbye to Nick who is off back to Canada. Maria is very upset. At the last minute Nick asks her to follow him out to Canada to live with him and she accepts.


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