Rosie and Sophie tell Sally that they really enjoyed the wedding because Kevin was there as well and they felt like a family again. Maria phones in sick to the salon and spends the day in bed with Nick. Fred is pleased with the way Shelley has coped running the Rovers. He tells her that he's thinking of keeping her on full-time as manageress. Les and Kirk try to impress Kerry Fletcher and Jules Robinson, the Australian girls. They don't realise that the girls are taking them for a ride. Shelley tells Fred that she'll have a think about how best they can mark the Rovers' centenary. Kerry and Jules spot Norris at the Commonwealth Games punching tickets. Toyah tries to warn Maria away from Nick. He tells Maria about Leanne and the abortion and Maria is understanding. Karen's new sofa arrives but it won't fit through the flat's living room doorway. Karen tells the men to leave it in the hallway while she thinks of way to fit it in. Audrey calls to see Nick. Maria hides upstairs. She hears Audrey telling Nick that she thinks Maria is skiving and calls her "flighty". Kevin tells the girls that he's moving back in without consulting Sally. She has second thoughts about the whole thing; Sally's worried that Kevin will want a full-blown relationship. She tells him that perhaps it's not such a good idea after all.


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  • TV Times synopsis: Sally begins to doubt the arrangement she's made with Kevin; and Karen has the smile wiped off her face when the posh sofa arrives.
  • Viewing Figures: UK broadcast - 11,310,000 viewers (2nd place).

Notable dialogue

Roy Cropper: (about the Rovers' centenary): "Well it's a very important date, locally. There's all sorts of theories as to who the Rover was and why he returned."
Fred Elliott: "There were all sorts of theories about that skirmish on t'Red Rec and look where that got us! No... I'm stopping well-clear of history after that... I say, well-clear."

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