The police question Richard. They let him go but they call him back. Richard panics until he finds out that it is just Emma on the police radio wishing him luck. Maria gives David a new hairstyle. Shelley changes the staff rota so that Geena can have Saturday off. Martin gets drunk in the Rovers while the rest of the Street attends the wedding. Roger Hinde questions Gail about the bracelet that Richard gave her. The Rovers empties as everyone watches Gail getting into the wedding car. After talking to Emily, Betty decides to stay in Weatherfield. Les meets two Australian girls - Jules Robinson and Kerry Fletcher who are looking for a place to stay while the Commonwealth Games are on and invites them to stay at his house. Kirk is pleased to find the girls in the back yard. Candice and Aidan drink some wine before handing it out to the wedding guests. Richard goes to see Gail before the wedding to check that she trusts him before they say their vows. Maria and Candice compete for Nick's attention. Gail and Richard say their vows and are married. Sarah tells Candice and Aidan that girls mugged Nick. Roger gives his best man's speech, followed by a speech from Richard who quotes from Sydney Smith. Aidan winds Nick up about the mugging. Emma and Candice watch Nick and Maria sneak into a hotel room. Gail, Richard and the kids leave to go to Florida. Sally tells Kevin that he can move in with her and the girls.


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