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Nick is happy to be home. Gail is pleased. He says he's staying for two weeks. Norris practises his Commonwealth Games smile on Emily. Maria spots Nick and is instantly attracted to him but she's later warned away by Toyah. Rita tests Norris on the flags of the Commonwealth. Kevin checks with Sally that he can still go to the wedding after Rosie asks him. Rita comments to Sally on how well she and Kevin are getting on. Martin has a pint with Nick, who appears distant with him. Later Martin tells Kevin that he feels like a stranger to his family. Richard introduces his best man, Roger Hinde, to Gail and the family. Roger puts his foot in it by mentioning Richard's previous stag nights. Richard, Roger, Steve and Nick go to a restaurant for the stag night. Steve and Nick are bored as the others talk business. Gail tells Audrey that she is scared that the marriage won't last. Nick goes to get some fresh air and has his mobile phone stolen. He doesn't tell Richard that it was two girls who jumped him. He goes back to Audrey's house. Norris books a regular taxi to take him to the Commonwealth Games. Richard arrives home to find Gail having doubts. He assures her that he's there for good.


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