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Richard talks to Gail about his falling-out with Martin. Sally starts working in The Kabin, much to Rosie's displeasure, while Karen starts work in the furniture shop Elevation. All dressed up for work, she shows off to the factory girls. Richard tries to apologise to Martin but Martin walks off. Geena is given time off to go out with Joe. Shelley is upset as she'll be run off her feet all night. Doreen tells Maxine that Derek will never want her back. Maxine tells her that the best place for her is with her, Ashley and Joshua. Sally tells Eileen that Kevin wants to move back in and be a family again. Eileen thinks it's a good idea. She persuades Sally to go to Gail's hen night and get Kevin to look after Rosie. Martin tells Kevin that Richard is trying to replace him as the children's father. Kevin tells him not to fall out with Richard as it will put pressure on the kids. Audrey invites Doreen to the hen night. Richard tells Steve that all the flats at The Ridings have been sold. He is interrupted by a text from Nick. He's stuck in Vancouver and might miss the wedding. Martin goes to see Gail. She assures him that Richard won't come between him and the kids. In the Rovers, Karen boasts about her new job to Fiz, Janice and Joe. Joe persuades Geena to work. Gail is having a boring time at her hen night until she gets a surprise - Nick arrives.


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