Maxine persuades Doreen to go round and talk to Derek. Doreen agrees so long as Maxine and Ashley go with her. Richard is pleased to hear that a second flat at The Ridings has now been spoken for. Blanche pours her heart out to Shelley about Archie and how she misses him. Shelley convinces her that she can win him back. Blanche cheers up. Richard talks to Audrey about her will. Les lays the turf in the Peacocks' garden. Ashley realises that he's nicked the turf from the local football pitch as it's got white lines all over it. He makes Les take it up again. Les re-lays it in his own back yard. Aidan accepts his invitation to the wedding. Candice is put-out that she's not going. To Maxine, Ashley and Doreen's horror they arrive at Derek's house to find that he's moved in his new girlfriend Donna Stout. Doreen is distraught and admits that the reason she left was Derek's affair with Donna. Audrey tells Gail that she's invited Archie to the wedding as her guest. Rosie tells Sally that she's sick of being poor. David spots the stolen turf in Les's back yard. He's so fed up about the football pitch being vandalised that he kicks his football through Les's window. Maxine and Ashley tell Doreen she can stay with them. Maxine decides she's going to have it out with her dad.


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