Fred tells Rita and Norris that Lillian Spencer has left and that the drinks are on him. Doreen is driving Ashley mad as she criticises his diet and the state of the garden. Audrey smugly tells Rita that Archie finished with Blanche as a result of her blabbing Audrey's hairdressing secret all over the Rovers. Richard hands Rita some investment leaflets to look through. Norris tries to warn her away from Richard but Rita refuses to listen. Archie calls round on Blanche to get his dance records back. He sees her lifeless body through the letterbox and shoulder charges the door down. Norris calls an ambulance. She's still alive but barely conscious. Eileen drags Sally to the pub for a belated birthday drink. Karen forces Steve to look round some trendy furniture shops in town. She is particularly taken with a really expensive shop called Elevation. Sally gets home to find that Kevin and the girls have planned a surprise birthday tea for her. She is very touched. Blanche is in hospital as she's grazed her head, sprained her ankle and got a bit of concussion. Kevin suggests to Sally that they should get back together. Sally is furious thinking that the cake and balloons were just an excuse to wheedle his way back in. Fred gives Shelley the job of Manageress while he goes away - Geena is furious.


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