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Richard concocts a fake statement for Jack and Vera. He calms them down and persuades them to leave their money where it is. Steve tells Karen they can move into their new flat in The Ridings in a few weeks, but she has to get a job first. Martin moves back into his flat. Vera tells Norris that he's misjudged Richard who's a very decent honest bloke in her opinion. Blanche overhears Maxine and Maria in the Rovers gossiping about Audrey and Archie disappearing together. She explains that Audrey works for Archie and asks them not to say anything as it's a secret. Norris overhears. Audrey is furious when she realises everybody knows about her working for Archie. She tells Archie she thought she could trust him. Richard phones Nick and tells him that he will pay for his flight to make sure he's at the wedding. Sally asks Kevin if he'll have the girls to stay during the Commonwealth Games so she can rent their room out. He agrees. Archie is very upset with Blanche and tells her their relationship is over. Blanche is devastated. Norris tells Lillian Spencer that she's barred from The Kabin. They call a truce and she tells him that he's welcome back in the Rovers. Lillian's daughter Danielle, an aromatherapist, arrives at the Rovers. Shelley and Geena tell Fred that if Lillian and her family stay, they're leaving.


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