Norris tells Emily that Richard threatened him. Emily doesn't take it seriously. Doreen tells Maxine and Ashley she wants to stay for a bit longer. It is Deirdre's birthday and she receives some plane tickets for Spain from Tracy as she is having marriage problems with Robert Preston again and wants a week away with her mum. Deirdre isn't too keen as she would rather have gone away with Ken. Blanche again sees Audrey and Archie driving off together. She accuses Archie of being dishonest and throws a glass of water over him. He realises he has to tell her the truth and explains that Audrey is working for him. He asks Blanche not to tell anyone as Audrey is worried that it would be bad for business. Blanche forgives him. Richard is concerned that the flats are taking too long to sell. Jason phones Eileen and tells her that he's staying with a mate. Emily apologises to Richard for Norris' outburst. Richard explains to Gail that Norris thought he was trying to murder Emily with painkillers. Vera tells Norris that they've invested all their money with Richard. Norris tells Vera of all his suspicions about Richard. Martin tells Kevin that he'll be moving back into his flat which has been repaired after the fire. Jack and Vera call on Richard. Vera tells Richard that she's been talking to Norris and that she wants her £20,000 back as she doesn't trust him.


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Blanche Hunt (to Deirdre Rachid): "You don't understand do yer? When you find a man like Archie, you have to expect to be swatting away the few bees that come buzzing round the honeypot."

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