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Ashley and Maxine are surprised when Maxine's mum Doreen arrives unexpectedly on the doorstep saying she's come to stay for the weekend. Emily is again suffering from a migraine. Norris is suspicious when he sees Richard talking to Emily and asking after her health. Ashley is concerned when he sees the extent of Doreen's luggage; he wonders how long she's intending to stay. Richard calls on Emily to ask her to babysit. Norris thinks Richard is up to no good and won't let him in. Fred is concerned about Lillian's barring of Rita, but Lillian manages to placate him. Eileen is on at Jason to get a job. Later she finds a note on the table from Jason saying that he's left and he'll send her a postcard. He's taken Eileen's housekeeping money. Todd tells Eileen about Jason being fired from his job for having his hand in the till. Lillian's son Timothy Spencer turns up at the Rovers. Audrey tries to warn Fred that Lillian is just another gold-digger like Eve, but he won't listen. She storms out - watched by a smirking Lillian.


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