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Aidan calls round to see Sarah and gives Gail a box of chocolates which he stole from The Kabin. Gail is delighted and wonders if she misjudged him. Archie is complimenting Audrey on her hairdressing skills in the Rovers. Peter is watching. Peter winds Blanche up about Archie's "other woman". Jason arrives back from Blackpool. He, Kirk and Tyrone plan a birthday party. Steve is mystified when he gets a fare to pick up from The Ridings, as he knows the flats are still empty. He arrives to find Karen in the show flat wearing very little. She drags him in and seduces him. Eileen tells Jason how selfish he's been not getting in touch and puts a kibosh on the party. He apologises. Les tries to talk to Janice but she tells him that she doesn't want to talk. She regrets what happened between them the other night. Rita is sorry to learn that Bet lost her court case even though they didn't see eye to eye. Richard takes a couple round the show flat at The Ridings. He is shocked when he opens the bedroom door to find Steve and Karen in bed.


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