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Janice hates herself for having slept with Les and wishes that it hadn't happened. Les is over the moon thinking they're getting back together. Janice has to tell him that she regrets it and it doesn't change anything. Les is devastated. Gail tells Sarah that she can see Aidan but that she is not to do whatever he tells her. Eileen is missing Jason who is still in Blackpool. Todd tries to talk to Sarah but gets the cold shoulder. Karen threatens to walk down the street half-naked until Steve agrees to go and look at the show flat with her. Steve gives in. Joe asks Geena if she would mind him seeing other women. He's only joking but Geena's face is a picture. Karen loves the show flat. She makes Steve promise that they can have one if she gets a job. Richard takes Aidan to one side and threatens to hospitalise him if he mistreats Sarah. Sarah tells Gail that she does want to come to the wedding really. Audrey tells Mike that Bet has lost her court case and she's left Weatherfield.


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