Steve asks Joe if he'll give Karen her job back. Joe refuses. Karen is furious with Steve when she finds out as she feels humiliated. Geena makes a date with Joe and is upset when he later cancels it. While Audrey is out, Bet has her solicitor round to the house. Audrey arrives back and suspects that he's a boyfriend of Bet's. She is cross with Bet for abusing her hospitality. Bet explains that Edward Welch is her solicitor. Bet comes clean and tells Audrey all about the court case on Wednesday. Audrey softens. Sarah and Aidan kiss again and declare that they are now boyfriend and girlfriend. Ken sees them kissing and warns Gail about Aidan. Dev tells Mike he doesn't want to invest abroad with a bunch of people he doesn't know. Mike tells him he's missing a great opportunity. Todd sees Sarah and Aidan kissing and is hurt and jealous. Steve threatens to cancel the new flat which Richard is holding for them. Karen promises to look for another job. Curly and Emma go to Maxine and Ashley's house for drinks and nibbles. Maxine has made cocktails, she's got the recipe wrong and they're lethal. Sally asks Joe about the machinist's job at the factory. He tells her to come and see him tomorrow for a chat. Sarah and Aidan are at home kissing on the settee when Gail arrives back. Gail is furious, throws Aidan out and tells them they aren't to see each other anymore.


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