Karen lies to Steve and tells him that she's resigned from the factory. Later Steve finds out from Joe that she's been sacked. Todd tells Sarah that he'd like to be mates again. She half-heartedly agrees. Curly has broken his glasses. He tells Emma that he will drop Ben with her while he goes to collect his new pair. Mike is impressed that the factory is running like clockwork now that Karen has gone. Mike puts a business proposition to Dev - he asks him if he would like to invest in some luxury apartments in Spain. Steve winds Karen up to see how long she carries on lying about being sacked. He pretends that he's going to punch Joe for what he's done. Karen comes clean. Curly, who can't see without his specs, inadvertently collects the wrong baby from the soft play session and takes it home. Peter tells Joe that Geena really fancies him. Aidan calls to see Sarah. He kisses her and then leaves. Sarah really fancies him but is confused. Emma is shocked to find a little girl at home instead of Ben. They find the right mother and swap babies. Curly is terribly embarrassed. To Steve's amazement Karen has cooked a meal for them. They end up rowing and Karen storms out after throwing a plate of food at the wall.


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