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Bet tells Audrey that there's no love lost between her and Rita. Bet calls in the factory to see Mike but finds Joe Carter there instead. She tells the girls that she's an old friend of Mike's - the girls are interested. Shelley and Geena are really fed up of trying to do the catering and the cellar work as well as their own jobs. Bet reminisces with Sunita about how she used to live in the corner shop flat. Karen gets the factory girls to slow their work down so that Joe has to give them double time on a Sunday in order to try and get the order out in time. Les agrees to let Kirk lodge with him for £40 per week plus bills. Emma tells Les that the rat problem still isn't sorted and that the woman from environmental health is coming back again to lay more poison down. Kirk gets excited and tells Les that he enjoys shooting rats. Toyah moves into the salon flat with Maria. Gail leaves Sarah babysitting Bethany. When she gets home she finds Emily there instead as Sarah has gone out with Aidan. Gail is furious with Sarah. Sarah says she's sick of being different and shocks Gail by saying she's going to give Bethany away. Bet tells Ken and Deirdre why she's in Weatherfield; she's had a two year relationship with a bloke called Phil who opened a nightclub having borrowed £100,000 off all his friends - including Bet. The club was open a week. She and his friends are suing him for their money and the case is in Manchester. Bet tells Ken that if she loses the case she'll be debt up to her neck with all the legal fees.


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