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Sarah and Aidan bunk off school again. Dev tries to warn Geena off Joe but she tells him to leave her alone. Dev tells Vik about Joe's prison history and says he wishes he could tell Geena. Vik advises him to keep quiet. Todd accuses Sarah of two-timing him with Aidan. She denies it. Ken asks Sarah where she's been all day and she pretends that Bethany hasn't been well. It's obvious Ken doesn't believe her. Sally is shocked when she receives a letter from the insurance telling her that the amount she's due is a lot less than she was expecting. She discovers that she was underinsured. Joe takes Geena out for a drink and she looks fantastic. Dev is green with envy. Sally gives Rita a post-dated cheque for the amount she owes her. Later she pours her heart out to Kevin saying that she can't afford to take the girls on holiday. Kevin comforts her. Roy, Fred and everyone involved have a meeting about the re-enactment. They have a vote and it's decided to alter history in honour of the Queen's Jubilee so that Royalists win the battle. Roy is livid.


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