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Mike drives Joe Carter to Roy's Rolls where they have breakfast. Mike has given Joe the job of factory manager at Underworld. Mike is pleased that he's got Joe cheaply as nobody else will employ him having just come out of prison. Joe is worried that Mike has hired him to perform dodgy deals for him and tells Mike he's not interested. Mike assures him that's not the case. Roy is furious with Norris who has said he's no longer going to fight for the Parliamentarians as he feels it would be a conflict of interest as he's employed by Her Majesty as a post office worker. The girls in the factory are intrigued by their new boss, Joe. Karen is furious as she hoped the job would be hers. She decides to try and make his life hell but Joe remains one step ahead. Joe chats up Geena over the bar. Dev sees this. Dev asks Mike where he's come from and Mike tells him in confidence that he's just come out of prison. Fred is jealous when he sees the pike that Roy has acquired for the re-enactment. Eileen finds out that Jason has stayed in Blackpool as he's got a job. Sally phones the insurance company and is relieved to hear that the official notification is in the post - all she has to do is sign, return and she should then receive her cheque.


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