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Toyah wakes up in Goran Milanovic's caravan. They decide to spend another day together. Richard makes an early start at the conversion, where he hears a noise, and is given a nasty shock when a dog leaps out of the trench. Roy is irritated over the way Fred wants to change aspects of the re-enactment. Building inspector Jack Henshaw arrives and a tense Richard is relieved that he doesn't delve too deep into the trench where Patricia's dead body lies. Tyrone and Maria plan a day together leaving Fiz to tag along with Jason and Kirk. Steve spots a woman's bracelet in the trench, and stops the concrete being poured. Richard tells him it belongs to a potential buyer and takes it from him. Richard is shaking with relief as the concrete is finally poured in. Steve asks him why he is happy and Richard says it's because he can now start making money. Jason and Kirk go off with Carol and Stephanie Mills, leaving Fiz on her own. She feels even more alone when she spots Toyah and Goran looking happy together. Fiz tries to buy a candy floss with a Scottish £5 note but is refused. She insults the candy floss man, who chases after her. Fiz hides in a fortune teller's booth. Fiz takes money from an old woman, Elsie Birch, and pretends to be the fortune teller. The woman then gets her friend to also have a reading from Fiz. Jason and Kirk spend a fortune on Steph and Carol, who then dump them. A pleased Fiz is rumbled by the real fortune teller. As they watch the sunset, Goran tells Toyah that he wants to marry her.


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