Richard receives a phone call from Patricia, but refuses to talk to her about money. Jason and Kirk fail to pull when they go in search of girls in the posh hotel bars on Blackpool's North Promenade. Meanwhile Toyah is on her second date with Goran Milanovic. Maria and Tyrone are alone on the seafront. Both are reminiscing about when the got engaged at the top of the tower when they bump into each other. Patricia turns up at No.8 when Richard refuses to acknowledge her calls. Her remarks unnerve him and he takes her outside to talk, away from Gail and the kids. At the top of the tower, Tyrone and Maria have an intimate moment where they declare their feelings. But when they get back on to the street Maria tells Tyrone that they can never go back to the way they were. Fred offers to sponsor Roy's re-enactment, but as a way of making himself money. Roy is worried that by allowing Fred to be sponsor he will hijack the whole event. Richard takes Patricia to the flats conversion and tries to explain why he cannot pay her. They argue and she threatens to expose him as a cheat and a liar. Richard loses his temper and picks up a spade and whacks Patricia over the head with it, killing her.


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