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Ken is concerned about the situation with Aidan and Deirdre suggests speaking to Miss Johnson about it. Ken tells Deirdre that he needs to fight his own battles. Richard tells Gail that Patricia has been to see him and wants to be bought out of the company. Roy and Norris put up posters to advertise the Civil War re-enactment. Martin is still staying with Kevin and Molly and tells a fuming Molly that he has no idea when his own flat will be ready. Miss Johnson asks Ken to introduce the police officer that is visiting the school that afternoon to talk about vandalism. Patricia agrees to sell her share of Kellet Holdings for £25,000. Kirk suggests to Maria that they go to their uncle Bob's caravan in Blackpool, although Maria would have to lend him the money. Maria refuses, but tells a disappointed Kirk that she may go to Blackpool anyway. Molly prepares for a romantic evening in with Kevin, but Kevin has already arranged to go for a drink with Sally. The food is ruined and Molly is disappointed. Kevin lies to her that he has been at the Rovers with Sam. Aidan leaves a shopping trolley from the canal on Ken's doorstep. Peter and Deirdre despair that Ken still refuses to involve the head or the police. Candice tells Peter where Aidan lives and Peter goes round and threatens Aidan's dad to keep his son under control.


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