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Deirdre tells Ken and Blanche she's been sacked but doesn't tell them why. Steve continues to make sure everyone boycotts the bookies and Peter still refuses to pay Steve his winnings. Karen and Shelley agree that they are both being incredibly childish. Ashley and Maxine persuade Fred he must talk to Eve. He agrees to see her. Jack sneaks into the bookies to put a bet on hoping Steve won't see him. Dev has been for a night out with Vik and apparently pulled the best-looking woman in the club. Dev tells Sunita that he sacked Deirdre for lying to Geena about him. Sunita tells Deirdre who is furious. Deirdre calls to see Dev and implies that unless he gives her her job back she will tell everyone the truth. She gets her job back. Ken tells Sarah and Candice that he is now their mentor and they can come to him with their problems. He finds out that he's also looking after Aidan Critchley who again gives him a hard time and has had his eyebrow pierced. Fred and Eve meet. Fred tells her that their relationship is over as they were never married. She tells him that the Rovers is still legally hers and she wants it.


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