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Deirdre tells Ken that she's got the day off so that he won't know she's lost her job. Ashley is now behaving as a proud father. Maxine finally starts to feel that their problems are behind them. Steve goes to place a bet at the bookies. Peter goads him into upping his bet. Steve places £100 on Laughing Boy to win. Blanche places 50p on Chunky Monkey. Roy starts practising 17th century recipes which he can use for the re-enactment. He makes a stew out of cow's shin. Audrey tries to talk to Fred about Eve but he just clams up. Laughing Boy wins the race. Steve has won £500. He tells Karen he'll collect the money on Monday. Archie chats up Audrey at the bar. Blanche is jealous. Deirdre tries to talk Geena into taking Dev back but Geena refuses. Peter tells Steve he won't get a penny of his winnings until he pays the dry-cleaning bill for Shelley's jacket.


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