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Part One: Dev updates Deirdre on the story he's spun Geena about Christmas night. Hayley suggests Roy goes to a council meeting to plead his case for the re-enactment but he's dismissive, saying there's no chance they'll change their minds. Kevin tells Molly he's had to postpone their holiday because the garage is struggling. Maxine tells Audrey about Ashley's change of heart. Geena tells Dev to sack Deirdre. He protests that she wouldn't go quietly and the whole street would find out. Geena is very annoyed. Hayley asks Curly about tracking down Councillor Naysmith. Fred is a very proud grandfather but still down about Eve. Jack asks Blanche to put money on a horse but she tells him it has no chance. Gail tells Molly that Kevin lent Sally money. She's very put out.

Part Two: Gail visits Sally to warn her that she's let slip. Sally is worried. Hayley catches up with Councillor Naysmith and makes an impassioned plea to save the re-enactment, telling him what an honest man Roy is. Fred pours out his sorrows to Ashley. He says he's just a vain old man who thought somebody loved him. Hayley confides in Curly that meeting Councillor Naysmith didn't go well, but asks him not to tell Roy. Molly confronts Kevin, angry with him for not just being honest about the loan. Kevin apologises. Ashley tells Maxine he'll move back into the marital bed. She's delighted. Geena has a go at Deirdre, calling her desperate and telling her Dev wouldn't look twice at him. Deirdre can't hold her tongue and points out that's only how Dev tells it. Geena quickly realises she's not been told the whole truth and confronts Dev. He admits sleeping with Deirdre. Livid, Geena throws her engagement ring at him and storms out.


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  • This episode was scheduled to be transmitted at 8.00pm on Tuesday 30th April 2002 to make way for Champions League football coverage in the programme's usual Wednesday slot however the late addition of a game to the League schedule meant that this episode had to be pulled forward by one day. It was eventually transmitted at 8.30pm and replaced the advertised edition of Airline.
  • TV Times synopsis: Geena confronts Deirdre and gets more than she bargained for. Molly is shocked to discover where Kevin's priorities lie.
  • Viewing Figures: UK broadcast - 10,900,000 viewers (4th place).
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