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Fred is in a mood with Eve and refuses to eat the breakfast she has made him. Kevin tells Martin that he is thinking of taking Molly to Majorca as a birthday surprise. Ken is visibly shaken when Aidan Critchley antagonises him during one of his classes. Curly tells Roy that he would be happy to chase up possible funding for the re-enactment on the Red Rec. At work Fred is troubled over thoughts of Eve. He goes to Rovers and asks Mike if a craggy-looking man has been in, having caught sight of Ray Sykes on Victoria Street. Eve and Betty are getting suspicious of his behaviour. Archie tries to flatter Rita into also becoming a professional mourner, but she refuses. Fred goes to Ray's house and asks him what is going on. Ray refuses to tell Fred why he saw Eve the previous day, but leaves Fred gobsmacked when he tells him that him and Eve never divorced. After letting Blanche down by cancelling their plans for a day out, Archie promises to take her out for a slap-up meal the following evening.


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Archie Shuttleworth: "That were the office. The reaper's been swinging his scythe again in Swinton."

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