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Fred questions Eve further, but she continues to lie. Martin is feeling more and more awkward at No.8. Ashley agrees to pretend all is well until he gets the test results. Roy and Hayley unwrap each other's anniversary presents. Fred is behaving sarcastically towards Eve during the meal at Ashley's house. Martin moans to Kevin about being at Gail's, Kevin repeats his offer for him to stay at his flat. Molly says nothing but is secretly put out. Fred follows Eve. Eve is told by Ray Sykes that Linda is still alive and living in Dublin, but no one else has to know. Molly is jealous of Kevin's concern over Sally. Roy recreates an authentic but rustic meal from the Civil War period as a surprise for Hayley. She is disappointed, having expected a fancy meal out. Richard is relieved when Martin tells them he is going to Kevin's. Ashley continues to protest that he will not be a father to the baby until he knows for sure. Fred watches Eve and Ray exchange farewells on the doorstep and he jumps to the wrong conclusion.


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