Maxine is still trying hard to be cheerful with Ashley. She asks him if he'd like to come with her to see the baby but he refuses. He tells her he needs time to think. Maxine finds that he's been looking at photos of the baby. Phil Rodgers of Weatherfield Hardware Supplies make Sally an offer of £17,000 for all her stock which she accepts. Charlie is asked to resign from her teaching post. She accepts and leaves. Miss Johnson tells Ken that he will have to cover some of Charlie's classes. The pupils think that he got Charlie sacked on purpose because he wanted the work. A boy called Aidan Critchley gives him a hard time. Fred has another go at Ashley; he can't understand why he's taking so little interest in his wife and child. Roy gets the go ahead to stage a re-enactment of a Civil War skirmish by the Weatherfield Historical Society. He decides on the Queen's Golden Jubilee weekend and the Red Rec which he suggests to Hayley might have been called so because of the amount of blood shed there in 1642. Matt calls to see Charlie. She tells him that she's moving away. The radio in the hardware shop is still switched on with the volume down. The plug starts to smoulder and catches light and the shop is on fire while Martin and David are asleep in the flat above.


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