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Maxine's baby is born prematurely. It's a little boy. Deirdre has a go at Blanche for staying out all hours with Archie. Ken sees Charlie at school with a terrible hangover, however she tells him that she's coming down with something. Suspicious, he tells her to go home. Later he is surprised and concerned to see her drinking again in the Rovers. Maria introduces Tyrone to her new boyfriend Dan Staveley who works in the car trade. Tyrone is jealous. Hayley persuades Mike to give Fiz her job back at the factory. Sally tells Gail that she won't be taking Richard's financial advice. Matt arrives at the hospital to see Maxine but Ashley tells him to get out. Sally tells Jason she can't afford to keep his job on and gives him two weeks' wages redundancy. Ashley realises that Maxine intended to keep the whole question over the baby's father quiet. He tells her that he can never believe another word she says and breaks down.


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