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Jason buys the Easter eggs off Kirk for £25 to give away as part of a promotion at the hardware shop. Sally is cross as he didn't consult her. Ashley invites Matt to leave the hotel and stay with them. Maxine tries to talk Matt out of it but Matt says that he wants to stay with her and the baby. Maxine is distraught. Mike tells the factory girls that Sol Pepper is taking him to court and he could end up closing down the factory. Martin has a look at the remortgage papers which Richard gave to Sally and tells her that it's a terrible deal. Sally is concerned. Bobbi returns the flat keys to Audrey and leaves the street. Roy becomes the new chairperson of the Weatherfield Historical Society. Blanche has a date with Archie and Ken and Deirdre arrive home to find them dancing in the front room. Jason sells the Easter eggs to Vik for £60 to give away free with school runs to help bolster business. Fred tells Eve that for tax relief reasons he's going to sign the Rovers over to her.


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Notable dialogue[]

Kirk Sutherland: "There yer go, another amazing deal from Captain Kirk Enterprises!"
Tyrone Dobbs: "Don't be such a berk! hundred and ten quid's worth of eggs for twenty-five quid? Should have put you in charge of t'Millennium Dome!"

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