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It's the day of Charlie's abortion. Maxine decides to tell Matt about Charlie's pregnancy so that he can try and stop her from terminating it. Matt tries to talk Charlie out of it but to no avail. Tyrone sees Maria with a new bloke and realises that she's not interested in him any more. Steve and Vik are very worried about the state of the business and wish they could find out who reported them to the licensing authority. Curly tries to persuade his fellow councillors to keep the crèche open but they won't listen. In desperation Sarah and the other young mothers stage a protest outside the Town Hall. Curly is arrested by Emma. Kirk delivers a job lot of Easter eggs to the salon flat as he's intending to sell them. Bobbi confides in Maria that she was the one who reported Street Cars to get back at Vik for dumping her. Charlie arrives back from her abortion; she tells Matt that she can understand that he will probably never forgive her. He says that he has done something far worse; he tells Charlie about Maxine's baby probably being his own. He suggests to Charlie that they forgive each other.


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  • This was an hour-long episode.
  • The nurse at the abortion clinic is uncredited despite having a line of dialogue.
  • TV Times synopsis: Matt and Charlie are forced to confess to each other; and Curly gives Emma no choice but to arrest him.
  • Viewing Figures: UK broadcast - 11,620,000 viewers (4th place).

Notable dialogue[]

Vera Duckworth: "Look... you want to count yourself lucky. I didn't say owt before but, well, I mean face it... she's a bit rough round the edges is that Fiz in't she? She's dead common!"
Tyrone Dobbs: "What, and we're dead posh?"
Vera Duckworth: "Compared to 'er we're aristocrats!"

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