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It's the day of Ben's christening and Curly and Emma are getting ready. Sunita is upset that her mum hasn't phoned to thank her for the Mother's Day card. Dev persuades Vik not to go to Hazel's house looking for her. Deirdre forgets to send Blanche a Mother's Day card and Blanche is displeased. Jason tells Todd that he should be grateful that he got off with Candice because now Todd can go out with Sarah. Les has a go at Janice and she storms out the cafe. Candice storms off when she sees Todd and Sarah kissing. Ken and Deirdre go to lunch without Blanche who is still sulking. Les is still bragging about his relationship with Sandra Milligan. Blanche is cheered up by Archie's visit. Everyone returns to the street talking about the christening and Norris correcting the vicar on his wording. Norris talks at length to Curly's parents about his involvement with Ben. Norris declares to Vera and Kevin that he is the chief godparent. John Wilding pays Vik a visit at Street Cars - he doesn't touch him physically, but the threat is there. Sandra confesses to a distraught Les that she is giving it another go with her ex-husband.


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