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Candice is smug that things didn't go well for Todd and Sarah. Sally is concerned that Martin is returning to work in the casualty department. Norris tells Emma and Curly that he will be taking his duties as godparent very seriously. Toyah is concerned about Les as Janice tells her about seeing Sandra Milligan with another man. Norris, the first to taste Fred's hotpot, coughs and splutters at the amount of pepper in it. Fred is furious that Betty has set him up. Todd is rude to Sarah when she tries to apologise to him. Eve has no sympathy for Fred and warns him off interfering in the Rovers again. Jason convinces Todd that Sarah does really fancy him. Vernon Bradshaw and Les phone Vik and pretend to be John Wilding. Vik doesn't see the funny side and sacks them both. Toyah tells Les that she thinks Sandra is seeing someone else. Sarah and Todd admit they fancy each other and end up kissing. Toyah is exasperated as Les doesn't believe that Sandra has another man and thinks that Janice is jealous and trying to split them up.


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