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Bobbi thinks it is over with Vik. Karen tells her to make him sweat. Sarah and Candice discuss Todd and Jason. Candice goes round to No.11 to apologise to Todd. He plays it cool and Candice ends up storming out. Eileen tells Todd he's better off without her. Janice catches Les tidying the house. He lets her know he's got a lady coming round. Dev uncovers the truth about Vik's other woman. He gives Vik advice about going out with married women. Fiz tells Tyrone that he's not to speak to Maria but then finds out it was Tyrone who hit Jason. Les and Sandra Milligan have a drink at the Rovers where she's introduced to Janice. Emily lets it be known that Rita has a "significant" birthday tomorrow much to Norris' excitement but Rita refuses to admit how old she will be. Emily suggests a birthday lunch with her, Betty and Blanche. Karen and Maria promise Bobbi that she'll get Vik back if she does it their way. Karen tells Vik that Bobbi is at her flat. Vik calls round and tells her that he's met someone else. Dev thinks Vik is mad to finish with Bobbi but offers his support. Sarah checks to see if Todd is alright. Archie thinks Blanche is a right laugh. Janice sees Les take Sandra into his house.


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