Janice and Toyah decide to rent Duggie's flat. Toyah breaks the news to Les who hides his grief and says he's pleased for her. Bobbi starts planning a surprise birthday party for Vik. Jason is fed up as Maria spends all her time swotting for her hairdressing exams. Candice again forces Sarah to use the keys to the Ramsdens on the pretense of feeding the fish. While they are there Todd and Jason turn up. Candice starts helping herself to the drinks cabinet. Sarah is really worried; the place soon looks like a bomb site. Ken goes for his interview for the supply teaching job. He is successful and they tell him he can start next week. Deirdre feels both pleased and jealous at the same time. Unbeknownst to Sarah, Candice gets a copy of the Ramsdens' keys made. Vik receives a call from Hazel and they arrange to meet again. Gail realises something is going on when she can't find the keys. She and Richard go round to No.6 and see the mess. Gail is furious with Sarah.


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