Stan can't bring himself to tell Hilda about the wedding as she is depressed that they haven't come far in life but he plucks up the courage to do so. He then goes to the Rovers and tells Len she took the news badly. Lionel tells Elsie that he misses Sandra. Val tells Ena and Minnie that Clara is taking too much on for herself in changing Albert's home but is advised to let well alone. Charlie is oblivious to Hilda's unhappiness when he collects her insurance money. She is bitter about Irma not caring about her. Hilda is sharp with David when she goes into the Rovers. Charlie is hurt when Ena says it's time he did something with his life. A thoughtful Stan fusses over Hilda when they return home. Len has a brainwave and suggests to Stan that they organise a party at the Elizabethan Rooms to celebrate the wedding and surprise the newly-weds. Jack and Annie can't sleep. Hilda disagrees with Len's plan, saying they're not wanted in the first place, but Stan persuades her otherwise. Jack demands two weeks' board and lodgings from Lucille. She tells him she'll be late back as she's visiting Sandra's new flat. Hilda questions Irma about Saturday and gets her cover story. Len tells Lionel about the wedding and he gives Irma the day off on Saturday. Len spreads the news to the other residents. Knowing about the elopement, Jack gives Irma Saturday night off work. Len goes to the rooms and books a table for eleven.


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