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Gail insists that Richard takes her to the house conversion to show her round. They discover Duggie's lifeless body. Richard, feigning to be as shocked as Gail, starts to call an ambulance when she makes it clear that Duggie is dead; they instead call the police as Gail is unable to find a pulse. Fiz tells the factory girls that they failed to win on the hospital lottery. Karen is suspicious when Fiz says she's thrown the ticket away. Toyah goes to visit Janice in Sheffield and pours her heart out about Sam and how guilty she's feeling. Janice comforts her. Karl Harper threatens Tyrone again and gets another five MOT certificates out of him. Tyrone is worried sick that Kevin will find out. He gives the £500 which Karl pays him to Fiz as he wants nothing to do with the "dirty" money. Gail and Richard tell Roy and Les about Duggie's death when they stop for a cup of tea in the cafe. Gail realises that someone will have to break the news to Sunita. Richard tells Sunita about Duggie's death. She's distraught. Shelley is also inconsolable when she hears about Duggie. Peter tries to comfort her but feels jealous of her feelings for Duggie. Richard disposes of Duggie's sports bag which contained the stolen money and transfers it to another bag. Richard feels relieved as he seems to have got away with it.


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