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Karen and Steve have a major row. Karen refuses to move into No.11 and Steve storms off. Rita is fed up with the noise from their flat and goes to see what's going on. She finds Karen in tears. Rita calms Karen down and the two of them start to bond. Rita gets her to change her mind about No.11. Karl Harper pays Tyrone £100 for a blank MOT certificate. Tyrone is worried as the certificate has the garage's address on it. Vik picks up a fare from Bagley Drive and it turns out to be Hazel Wilding and her husband John. Hazel tells Vik she'll call him but he tells her not to as he feels the situation is getting too complicated. Karen shows off to the girls that Steve has bought her No.11, a house rather than a flat. Later she apologises to Steve but Steve tells her that in the meantime he's let the house to Eileen for a further six months. Karen lies to the girls and says that they've decided not to move after all because Rita is old and infirm and needs them as neighbours. Norris overhears this and reports back to Rita who, amused, goes along with the deception. Richard is increasingly concerned that Duggie is ripping him off. Toyah finishes with Sam. He walks away, weeping over the break-up.


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Norris Cole: "My wife had exactly the same relentless tone when she was rowing. Like an 'ack-ack' gun."

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