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Shelley wants to move in with Peter and after telling this to Eve and Betty, Eve has a word in Peter's ear. Shelley gets upset with Eve but Peter reveals that he wanted to ask Shelley to move in anyway. Karen tells Steve that she wants to leave the street. Toyah is worried about telling Les that Janice intends to stay in Sheffield. Sam feels put out when his offer of support is rejected. Dev tells Richard that Duggie is not as sharp as he thinks he is. Richard checks on the conversion site and they later discuss marketing drives for the four luxury apartments. Jason is fuming with Steve regarding the sale of what he considers his house. Vik tells Steve all about Hazel Wilding and that she was the reason he got clamped. Toyah tells Les and he is deeply hurt but hides his pain. Later Les tells Rita that he fears he may never see Janice again. Mike and Dev join Duggie and Richard at the Rovers. Duggie suggests a card school round at his flat and they are all hooked. Richard catches Duggie with a secret stash of cash. He is in disbelief when Duggie admits the taxman doesn't know. Sam is worried about his relationship with Toyah and Vik tells him to dump her first.


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