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Frustrated with life, Deirdre gets annoyed with Ken who is feeling the strain of their relationship. Roy discloses that he suffers from SAD and has a light box in the cafe. Duggie hands Richard the figures on the property development. Gail warns Richard about Duggie. After being told everything by Geena, Eve warns Karen not to step out of line again. With Richard feeling that costs are too high, Duggie proposes a deal and they become business partners. They arrange a foursome lunch date with Sunita and Gail to celebrate. Ken pours his feelings out to Anita who sympathises with him. Steve takes the weekend off work and arranges to go with Karen to Leeds. Blanche suggests to Deirdre that Ken may be having an affair with Anita. After a few drinks, Anita makes a pass at Ken who pulls away and leaves.


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Eve Elliott (about Karen McDonald): "I've known madam here since she was flat-chested and wore braces... she was trouble then."

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