Blanche suggests to Deirdre that she should have a romantic evening in with Ken. Deirdre is uncomfortable with the idea. Dev confronts Karen as to why she would try and split him and Geena up. Dev accuses Steve of being in on the plot, but Steve lies to cover Karen's back. Duggie and Richard visit a property inherited by Richard from a client. Richard already has plans, and he shows them to Duggie. They talk about converting the property into three luxury flats, and continue to bond. Gill enjoys playing her role as the caring mother. Vik picks up Hazel Wilding from Bagley Drive. Attractive and clad in designer gear she is the very picture of sophistication. Steve feels that Karen is out of control and tells her that he wants her to move out of the flat. Prompted by this, Karen comes clean to Geena and Dev telling them it was all Gill's plan. Hazel Wilding asks especially for Vik on her return ride and flirts heavily with him. Deirdre lays on a wine, candles and chicken chausseur surprise for Ken, who spoils it by admitting that he'd already had a bite to eat at Anita's house. She feels her life is going nowhere. Ken asks if she's sick of him and Deirdre's silence speaks volumes. Geena and Dev confront Gill. Geena tells her she never wants to see her again.


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Steve McDonald (to Karen McDonald): "Look! Half the street think you're a slag, the other half think you're a nutter. I think you're both!"

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