Irma looks forward to wedded bliss. Sandra packs some foodstuffs for her new flat which she insists she'll pay for. Irma's wedding outfit arrives but she pretends to Hilda that it's new clothes for work. Hilda is further disappointed that Val doesn't want anything from her catalogue. Elsie gets annoyed with her front room being filled with Dennis's Christmas wares. Irma is about to tell Elsie her secret when they are interrupted by Len. Clara moves Albert's furniture around. Val accuses her of taking liberties and David has to try and make the peace. He asks Val's advice on a tie to go with his grey mohair suit for a do he's supposedly going to. Dennis donates one of his last trees to the grateful Walkers. Irma tells David she's finding it hard to keep their secret but he persuades her to continue their pretence. Len suffers a flat tyre. Ernie Bond, a passing taxi driver known to him, helps him out and mentions in passing about picking David and Irma up from the Registry Office to take them to the reception at the Elizabethan Rooms on Saturday. Len is surprised and goes to No.13 and questions a puzzled Stan as to what he's doing on the day. David's footballing mates agree to be witnesses and the couple agree to spend their honeymoon in Blackpool. Sandra tells Dennis she's pleased to be asserting her independence and wishes him well in life. A troubled Len catches up with Stan in the Rovers and tells him about the elopement. Stan is pleased he won't have to pay for the wedding but Len points out that Hilda will have to be told. A scared Stan goes home, worried how to break the news to her.


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