A mobile blood bank arrives on Rosamund Street and Eve's offer of a free pint generates interest. Matt faints at the sight of his own blood. Karen and Gill's plan to set up Dev is on for that evening. Ken arrives home after spending the night at Anita's house and the atmosphere is awkward. Duggie arranges another date with Sunita while bonding with Richard after they give blood together. As they share a pint, Richard highlights a business opportunity that interests Duggie. David tells Martin that he's fine over Gail's decision to marry Richard. Karen's plan to seduce Dev is not going to plan and with Gill and Geena arriving back at the flat she takes the last resort by taking off her top and pulling Dev on top of her. On cue Geena and Gill walk through the door. Geena is gobsmacked to see them together. She ignores Dev's pleas as Gill comforts her.


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Norris Cole (about Matt Ramsden's fainting): "It's a bit embarrassing for a doctor though, 'int it? I mean, it'd be like me being allergic to stamps!"

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