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Audrey shows her investment statement to Ken who tells her that Richard's advice looks to be all above board. Audrey apologises to both Richard and Gail but later tells Gail that she still doesn't trust him. Karen tells Steve that she's going to go ahead with Gill's plan and try to seduce Dev. Steve tells her not to but she ignores him. Sunita tells the girls what a great night of sex she had with Duggie. Karen starts making moves on Dev but he just looks confused. Ken goes to Anita's house to work on the next chapter of her book with her. They drink several bottles of wine and he confides in her that his relationship with Deirdre has become stale. Ken decides to stay the night at Anita's. He phones Deirdre to tell her but she's not bothered. Sunita arranges to go out with Duggie again. Duggie is delighted.


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