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Terry says an emotional goodbye to Jack and Vera; he's heading back to Huddersfield where he lives now. Geena makes up with Dev and explains to everyone why they haven't gone to Tobago. They start planning a big Easter wedding. Ken apologises to Anita Scott and she accepts. They agree that they will work on her book on her life history together. Fred annoys Eve by giving away free Elliott pies in the Rovers. She bans him from doing it again. Curly, Emma and the baby call in to see Terry. He tells Curly that he feels quite jealous of him. Sam moves in with Vik. He walks into the bathroom when Bobbi is using the shower. Bobbi is embarrassed, Vik is quietly pleased. Gill Gregory calls round to see Geena and Dev. She tells them that she is pleased they changed their minds and pretends that she has changed her opinion of Dev. When Geena is out of the way, she again tells Dev that she will do everything she can to stop him marrying her daughter.


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