Janice can't stop crying. Toyah stays with her comforting her. Rita calls to see Janice and tells her about Len's death and offer to help with the funeral arrangements. Janice is grateful. Tyrone is upset about Dennis and tells Fiz he doesn't want to clock any more cars as Dennis wouldn't have approved. Tyrone is approached by a Reporter wanting to talk about Terry and offering cash in return but Tyrone refuses. Fiz is annoyed. Todd and Jason are being supportive to Eileen who is very upset. Les is blaming himself for Dennis's death. Sam tries to tell him that it was the drunk driver's fault but Les won't listen. Norris again manages to get baby Ben off to sleep by singing to him much to Curly and Emma's relief. Kevin calls to see baby Ben and tells Curly and Emma that he always wanted a son. He talks about Jake. Duggie finds out that he's been gazzumped on the Rugby Club. Shelley asks Eve for her job back. Peter is delighted. Janice calls to see Les. The past is dragged up and a vicious row ensues. When Janice tells Les that he killed Dennis, he retorts that it was her fault, because if she hadn't left him for Dennis, Dennis would be at home with Eileen. In the heat of the moment, Janice tells Les that she hates him and that she wishes that he was dead and not Dennis.


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