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Anita Scott is making a play for Ken. Ken loves the attention and Deirdre isn't really bothered. Matt tells Maxine that he can't keep up the pretence to Ashley. Maxine is really worried that Matt is going to spill the beans, especially as he is very drunk. On the way to another job, Steve sees that one of his cabs has been in an accident and that the driver looks as though he's dead. He radios the news to Eileen. Eileen breaks the news to Janice who completely guilt-ridden rushes to the hospital thinking that Les is dead. She finds out that Les has a broken arm and is being treated for carbon monoxide poisoning but that the driver, Dennis is critical. She breaks down. Dev suggests to Geena that they marry in the Caribbean without their parents present. Geena suggests Tobago. Audrey threatens Matt that she will report him to the Medical Council for getting one of his patients pregnant if he doesn't stop worrying Maxine.


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