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After several tests, it transpires Jack's "heart attack" was a false alarm - it was indigestion. Vera is proud of Terry putting his dad's health before his own freedom. Dev is highly embarrassed in Deirdre's presence. Deirdre is like a giggly schoolgirl. Dev is annoyed when she pinches his bum. Toyah is really worried about Les as nobody's seen him all day. She and Sam go round to No.5 and find him in a drunken stupor. Toyah is furious and very upset. She screams at Les that he's driving her mad and breaks down in tears. Janice spots a lovely handbag in the kitchen cupboard and assumes it's a present for her. Dennis has to pretend that it is but feels guilty as he actually bought it for Eileen when they were in Paris. Maxine breaks her vegetarianism when she realises she's having huge cravings for meat. Fred has a surprise present for Maxine and Ashley - it's a framed family tree of the Elliotts. Geena apologises to Dev and they make up although Dev is wracked with guilt. Sarah and Luke Ashton have a row over text and he finishes with her. She tells an apologetic Todd she hopes he's happy. Curly runs Vera to the prison to visit Terry. Whilst he's out Emma's contractions start, three weeks early. Norris comes to Emma's rescue and Curly arrives back just in time. The ambulance doesn't, so Curly and Norris deliver the baby on the sofa. Emma gives birth to a boy. She and Curly are over the moon and even Norris is moved.


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