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An increasingly unhinged Les refuses to let Janice leave. He begs her to return to him but she's not interested. Eventually he lets her call a worried Dennis, although tells her not to disclose their location. He drives her back to the street. Dennis is enraged to see him but Les speeds off. Audrey, Sally, Martin and the kids are supposed to be having Christmas dinner together but the gas goes off. Todd turns up and tries to kiss Sarah. Luke Ashton sees this and thinks that Sarah is two-timing him. He's incensed and Sally and Martin have to stop the pair's fight. Roy, Hayley, Norris, Matt and Charlie get the food ready at the cafe to feed the homeless. Only one man, Wally, turns up due to a bigger event elsewhere. Peter gets drunk, has a go at Shelley and then starts a row with Blanche and Deirdre. Blaming Deirdre for Susan's death, he bitterly lays into her. Deirdre slaps him across the face and storms off in tears, enraged that none of her family bothered sticking up for her. She leaves them to sort their own dinner out. Karen apologises for being rude to Eileen and she and Steve make up. The police turn up looking for Terry in the middle of the Duckworths' Christmas dinner. Gill Gregory calls to see Geena, upset and angry that she and Dev lied about them going on holiday. When she makes a couple of racist remarks, Dev can take no more and calls her a small-minded bigot. Geena is furious with Dev and walks out on him. Ashley, Maxine, Sally, Martin, Audrey, Fred and Eve all end up eating at the cafe as there is no gas at home but plenty of spare food at the cafe. Jack goes to give Terry £4,400, having paid Tyrone back his £600, but whilst on the allotment he has heart pains. Terry hot-wires a car and drives Jack to the hospital. He's horrified when he's pulled over by the police for a driving offence, but when he explains the situation they escort him. Deirdre turns up at Dev's flat. They tell each other all about their respective days. As the wine flows, Dev tells Deirdre what an attractive woman she is. Deirdre reprociates and, despite her initial reluctance, the two go to bed. The officer realises who Terry is. He tries to make a run for it but the officer has already called for back-up. A beaten Terry is arrested.


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